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ALDImobile, one of Australia's most successful mobile service providers, have used We Make Apps for their mobile app since entering the market in 2014.
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Screenshots of the ALDImobile app showing the sign in and recharge flow

Does one thing, really well.

The ALDImobile app has a clearly defined function - let customers manage their mobile service. In the app, users can check their balance, recharge or switch plans, gift data between their friends, view past payments and manage their account details.
Behind that simple brief is layers of complexity. The ALDImobile app communicates with middleware layers and requires careful parsing of data to ensure business rules are adhered to and unexpected payloads are handled gracefully.
The overarching user experience aims for simplicity and ease of use. Customers want to get in, complete their tasks and be on with their day. Stickiness in an app like this suggests something is wrong.
Screenshots of the ALDImobile app showing the account and invoices screens

Handling scale.

More than any other app developed by We Make Apps, the ALDImobile app needs to be incredibly robust and performant. The app has an install base of over 1 million and customer have high expectations for an app for such a critical utility.
Data from middleware layers is sometimes slow to load, so the app is designed to use a variety of user experience techniques to provide dynamic loading, where screens are presented with as much information as possible, while waiting for additional details to load.
Being able to trace and aggregate anonymised diagnostic data is also critical in ensuring a trouble free experience for all users. With such a huge user base, every edge-case and corner-case will eventually happen and the app must manage all scenarios.
Screenshots of the ALDImobile app showing the help and FAQs screens

A long-term partnership.

We Make Apps developed the very first ALDImobile app soon after the service launched in Australia in 2014. We've been a partner with ALDImobile throughout their journey, helping to keep the app up to date, adapting to back-end changes and undertaking 3 significant rebranding builds.
The kind of long-term engagement we have with ALDImobile typifies the We Make Apps approach to building software. We're not just temporary coders for hire, we stick around and learn about our client's businesses, then we build the app to make that business work on mobile.
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