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Air tightness, thermal imaging and workflow apps.


Efficiency Matrix is one of Australia's leaders in providing building performance audits, covering air tightness testing, thermal imaging and insulation reviews. We Make Apps has been building workflow and thermal imaging apps with Efficiency Matrix since 2017.
UX and UI
Mobile Apps
Screenshots of the Envelope Integrity Reporter (EIR) app showing thermal defects.

Top of their field.

Efficiency Matrix is highly regarded in the passive house and building performance industry throughout Australia, from their pioneering work using blower tests, deep integration with leading thermal imaging equipment and a growing collection of videos published on their popular YouTube channel.
The core business of Efficiency Matrix is undertaking thermal and air leakage audits of newly built and established homes and buildings. Efficiency Matrix auditors undertake detailed inspections documenting air gaps and areas of low or missing insulation and provide comprehensive reports.
Audits of major building developments may capture hundreds of defects, each marked on floorplans with annotated thermal and camera photos.

Web Portal

Screenshot of the web portal for the EIR app.

EIR, the workflow app.

The core product developed by We Make Apps is the Envelope Integrity Reporter (EIR) app.
This app is used by auditors to capture all the information about every identified defect, including gap size, photos, thermal imagery, exact floorplan location and recommended remediation. Gap size data is used in overall air tightness calculations and referenced against blower door tests.
With audits often undertaken in buildings yet to be fully fitted out, the app must work entirely offline and support syncing collected defect data when network connectivity is restored. A sophisticated web-based console provides the Efficiency Matrix team with a comprehensive review and reporting interface.
Conceptual illustration of how the thermal imaging features of the EIR app operate (part A). Conceptual illustration of how the thermal imaging features of the EIR app operate (part B).

Thermal imagining innovation.

Working closely with the technical team at Efficiency Matrix, We Make Apps has developed a game-changing new tool that leverages the thermal imaging capabilities of cameras produced by market leader FLIR.
The new tool takes a pair of images, a standard photograph and a thermal image, and automatically detects anomalies in the thermal image. These anomalies are then instantly sized using the three-dimensional space awareness capabilities of new smartphones.
The resulting tool provides very rapid detection and documentation of gaps in thermal insulation.
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