We Make Apps

Award winning apps since 2011
We Make Apps provides a complete suite of services covering all aspects of mobile app development, from consultation on strategy and technology, through user experience and interface design, all facets of technical development and following through with long-term comprehensive support and hosting agreements.

Our Services.

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Draw on our years of experience building apps and negotiating the App Store and Google Play ecosystems to help inform and plan your mobile app strategy.

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Our design process is flexible and adapts to your needs. We can do complete designs, including branding, wireframing, user testing and finished pixel-perfect designs. Or we can take our cues from your design team and adapt your brand into a usable, mobile app interface.

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App Development

Building great software is at the heart of what we do. Our mobile apps are fully native and built for usability and long-term maintainability. We've explored every corner of mobile app software, such as maps, VOIP calls, hardware integration, guided navigation, custom OEM operating systems, and so much more.

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API and Web

We also build all the server-side components that power a great app, including APIs, admin consoles and public facing websites. We're agile and experienced and specialise in building those middle layers between your legacy systems and new mobile app.

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We Make Apps is an experienced AWS partner and can manage all your hosting and infrastructure needs to support your mobile app project.

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Ongoing support and maintenance is a crucial requirement for the long-term success of any mobile app software. Our support agreements cover 6-monthly updates to keep pace with new devices and requirements from Apple and Google.

Company Profile.

We have been developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices since early 2011. Our business has produced more than 120 distinct apps for more than 60 clients.
All design and development work is done directly within our business, with all staff members full-time permanent employees working out of our office in Melbourne. We have extremely high levels of staff and client retention, which allows us to draw on the experience of staff that have worked with the same clients for years.
Our portfolio of apps reflects a very diverse client list, including federal, state and local government agencies, major corporate brands, successful startups, as well as small and medium sized businesses. We have partnered with a number of other advertising agencies and digital agencies to provide dedicated app development capabilities.
The nature of the apps developed by We Make Apps is similarly diverse and extensive and covers social networks, chat, video and audio handling, deep hardware integration, VOIP phone call capabilities, sophisticated map-based functionality, augmented reality (AR) and payment handling.
We do not have a specific sector of specialisation, with our apps being developed for a range of different industries including finance, insurance, telecommunications, government, building and construction, health, education, plus other specialised sectors too numerous to mention.