Developing ARB's in-car tech.


ARB's LINX product is a next-generation controller for 4x4 vehicles, surfacing the control and display of a variety of accessories and monitors into a dash-mounted Android device.
Hardware Integration
UX and UI
Spin-off Apps
Screenshots of the ARB LINX app

The LINX app.

The LINX app represents as a whole new paradigm of 4x4 accessories. Rather than cluttering the dash with gauges and switches for various accessories, the LINX app consolidates everything into sleek, touchscreen interface running on dedicated hardware.
LINX connects directly with a variety of ARB's other accessories, including air compressors, tyre pressure monitors, traction control, air suspension, fridges, lighting rigs and more. Leveraging the capabilities of the LINX device, the app also displays speed, tilt and roll. The device running the LINX app easily snaps off the custom-made mount and can be used around the vehicle.
With a host of customisation options and integration points, a thriving community of LINX users has grown organically, encouraging users to make the most of this innovative product.
Overhead view of the LINX app in action

Technical Partnership.

The collaboration between We Make Apps and ARB stretches right back to the inception of the LINX product. Mobile app developers from We Make Apps worked closely with the firmware and electronics teams within ARB to ensure that the engineering innovations for ARB accessories were matched with an intuitive and straightforward app experience.
The LINX app is an Android app, running on a custom OEM version of the Android operating system. The app communicates with a control unit developed by ARB's engineering team installed in the engine bay of the vehicle and directly connected with control switches to all releveant accessories.
This project relied on close working relationship between the two teams, with regular in-person sessions held at both ARB and We Make Apps.
Screenshots of the stand along ARB apps

Standalone Apps.

Some of the modules of the LINX app correspond to specific ARB accessories which themselves offer direct control via Bluetooth connections. Leveraging our experience in the development of the LINX app, We Make Apps built three standalone apps offered direct onto user's iOS and Android devices.
The ARB Intensity IQ Connect app provides detailed control of ARB's flagship range Intensity IQ lights over Bluetooth, customisation of lighting combinations, timed fade-outs when cutting the engine and up to 8 distinct lights on the one vehicle
The ARB Compressor Connect app provides Bluetooth control over ARB's on-vehicle air compressor units, allowing simple inflation and deflation to set pressure levels.
The ARB Fridge Connect app connects to ARB's in-vehicle fridges, showing current temperature and historical battery usage.
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